A pretty weekend followed by more rain

The weekend was good. We spent a lot of time with my parents. I finally went back to church for the first time in a month and wow, it was good to be back. I also got to go to an Avon/Scentsy/Housewarming party for David’s best friends family, wherein I came home with one free perfect lipstick (and catalogs & order forms for later). I got to taste peanut butter from that famous peanut butter place in Grand Saline (the name escapes me) and discovered to my surprise that I prefer honey roasted peanut butter to white chocolate. Also discovered that Scentsy is not as pricey as I’d expected. Then went to Nick’s parents house for a big family dinner (where one family member was absent owing to job *sigh*) and the kids got to run around and around and around. Also found out this weekend that Nick is, in fact, not a robot, but human and can be physically hurt (knee to the wall; the wall won).

Got up today to rain, rain, rain. It was very pleasant to sit and read with the husband while kids practiced piano & gentle rain fell. I totally didn’t remember that it was our 13 Years of Dating anniversary today until far later in the day than I care to admit. (We’re going to lunch at at little local Italian place – just like our first date – in a few minutes and I am almost ready, really I am.)

Something else I totally forgot about today was how hard it is to do rain day activities so many days in a row, especially when you’ve spent all month with the TV blaring on and on. Things that I mentally budgeted 10 to 15 minutes for were done in less than 5. We finished a whole mental mornings worth of craft & music & games in about an hour of real time.

At 10:30 I said “To heck with the rain, we’re going out!” and we went outside to look for signs of spring. We walked a block or two in the gentle rain before coming back home. We discovered that throwing spiky balls into the rain-drop-made targets was a really fun game. We saw that not only are our hyacinths blooming, but our hydrangeas, fig tree, rose bush, & other bush (another name that escapes me) are all starting to bud. It was all very diverting.

Then, of course, we came back inside and turned on the TV while we drank hot chocolate & hid under the blankets. *sigh* But as soon as that show was over, we turned it back off & did some activities quickly thrown together that played off of what was taught on the show (Team Umizoomi does math type stuff for preschoolers and features the voice of Joe from Blues Clues)

And now I must really be off or I’ll not only be guilty of forgetting our anniversary, but late as well. Greg already has his backpack on and is waiting by the door, saying “IT’S TIME TO GO!” 🙂