whistle and be happy

This week was good, but unreasonably busy, so I didn’t post.  Here’s what went on (for those of you who like the long rambly bits):

Monday was our 13th dating anniversary and we’re too busy to do it up right, so we went to lunch at a new local Italian place (we now have three Italian places within 5 blocks of each other & within a half mile of our house).  This one is called, inauspiciously, Coolie J’s.  I have no words.  Anyway, their food was reasonably good for the price, but served on foam plates with plastic forks.  I was less than impressed, but they were good for a quick lunch, I guess.  I changed the setup on my computer so now we stand up to use it.  More details here.

Tuesday I spent all of my MDO time fiddling with getting new phones for Nick and I.  Our last update was two years ago and our phones were going out (his screen, my battery).  I, of course, got a trainee helping me and there was another trainee in back doing the actual phone number switching stuff, so hijinks ensued.  I did eventually get to have lunch with my lovely friend E (her daughter declined to eat & instead read books on my couch) and my husband.  I spent the evening out at Ladies Club at church, learning paper embelishing techniques (painting, oil pastels, chalks, etc)& then came home and watched an episode of Corner Gas (which I find hysterical and Nick not so much).

Wednesday I woke up completely and totally dead.  I wrote about it on my RA blog, but the long and short of it was that I went to MOPS anyway, set up as best I could with the help of the lovely coordinator, and made it through the afternoon by reclining in her LaZboy while the kids jumped on the trampoline with popcorn (my kid was miraculously the one that didn’t shove a popcorn kernel in his ear).  I spent the evening reading while Nick watched Good Eats perched on a pillow on top of a chair (he was watching on the aforementioned moved computer).

Thursday I spent all day up at the kids school helping Ben’s teacher purge her files so she could fit her current 10 file drawers into the three that she had over at the new building.  The upshot of all this is that I got to take a tour of the new building early with the kids and hear all the details about everything.  The PTA Open House tour in the evening was less of a tour and more of a "Go, look around" suggestion.  I did get to met David’s other teacher (they started joint teaching just before the semester break, but I was too sick to go meet her during the conference days in January) and she turned out to be an Aggie, Class of 99!  🙂 We spent the rest of the evening watching the Chuck’s pilot episode.

Today I thought I’d spend cleaning for our dinner guests that are coming over tonight, but instead I’m running around bringing things to people that forgot them and buying some necessary items at the store (shampoo!  deodorant!).  Fortunately, I’m really excited about dinner tonight.  🙂