Spring Break, already?

Our Spring Break is a week early from everyone elses this year, which is a pain because planning visits hasn’t gone well.  In any event, it’s here and nearly half over already.

Friday I drove to the school and back three separate times (and I wasn’t the one who picked them up, either) for dropping stuff off.  We had my friend Tammy, who I used to work with, and her husband, who’s also an Aggie, over for dinner.  We’d expected to play big people games with them afterward, but got roped into playing Dora Scrabble Junior instead, then watched silly things on YouTube after the kids went to bed.  All in all, a very good evening.

Saturday we had a leisurely morning, but had to make it to church an hour and a half early because our special speaker had to be somewhere else in another city that evening (as did many of our congregation).  We got through with church and headed over to Nick’s parents house, where we had dinner and played with our neices and Nick’s dad took all the kids on a rambling trip across the street to see the baby calves & to play in the pasture with the puppies.  Then we headed back over to the church for Family Game Night.  Nick and David played Risk by themselves and I alternated playing Toss the Basketball with Greg and Ben and playing Dora Scrabble Junior with two little girls (aged 4 & 3) who seemed to have been dropped off alone (Nick would like to point out that they were accompanied by their teenaged siblings, who ran off "outside" and didn’t come back for a couple hours).

Sunday morning we spent grocery shopping & cleaning up the boys room & studio in preparation for David’s friend Caleb coming over to spend the night.  He got here just as we were sitting down to an early lunch.  It rained off and on both days that Caleb was here, so the kids spent some time outside and some time playing the Wii and some time playing legos and some time playing Risk.  They also watched The Spiderwick Chronicles in their very own bedroom (I moved a little TV/DVD player into their room for the occasion) while Nick and I sat in the living room and watched The Academy Awards.  Nick doesn’t understand my need to watch awards shows for movies and plays and music that I never see or hear, but I don’t understand his likewise need to watch football games for teams that he doesn’t really follow throughout the year either, and we’re very happy that way, thank you very much.  He watches with me, I watch with him, we both shake our heads and wonder and it’s all good.

Monday the kids and I went to the Discovery Science Place, along with 12 billion other people.  The kids had a blast.  I wandered around wondering who were all these strangers there because I usually go and see only people that I know there.  It was weird.  We played Pet Store and Grocery Store and Restaurant and Dinosaur Dig and TV Studio and in the golf ball area and the always changing science room (this week: maglev tracks & build your own trains).  I spent the afternoon lying on my bed, exhaustedly watching season one of Chuck before heading out my friend Barbie’s Surprise Birthday Party (where I became reacquainted with a lady I’d lost touch with five years ago).

Today we’re having some down time.  Kids watched some TV and are currently in the back yard.  This afternoon we’ll catch up on some more of our cub scout activity backlog, then tonight I’m off again, this time to my MOPS mentors house for dinner (the one that was rescheduled from last month’s snow day).

We don’t have any big exciting plans for the rest of the week. 
A playdate at the park tomorrow, a trip to the zoo on Thursday morning.  Kids are spending the night Thursday at their Nana & Pa’s (maybe Nick and I will go out to dinner or see a movie).  Friday we’re having some of Nick’s work friends over for dinner. Then Saturday night Nick has Men’s Club & we’re having another of David’s friends over to spend the night (he spent the night there over Christmas Break) and on Sunday that family will drive down (they live an hour and a half away – we know them from church, which is halfway between our houses) and we’ll feed them lunch and they’ll stay and play for a few hours (they have three boys as well).  I guess we do kind of have an exciting week planned.