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Thoughts in 140 characters

  • 05:15 Started my birthday snuggling Ben in bed, teaching him the days of the week in French. Now making a slideshow of April’s past. Cake next. πŸ™‚ #
  • 12:12 Had a great time at MOPS this morning! Now at home and pondering what to do next. Dishes? Laundry? Birthdays are not so glamorous as adults #
  • 16:15 Met a friend at the park -she bright me cake balls! Came home, but am locked out of house. Waiting to be rescued. Maybe I’ll eats the balls #
  • 17:41 Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and for making the day special! *loveslovesloveseveryone* #
  • 20:57 Today’s thought: Bed is nice. It’s where I get to close my eyes and n
    o one talks to me. πŸ™‚ #
  • 20:59 @raanve My migraines got lots better when I switched to not using a birth control pill at all (I tried all ranges and "none" was best). πŸ™‚ #

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I am a wife, mother, all around volunteer, and organizer of all that is around me. No, really, it is pathological, I can't help it. If you need help, you ask me, I help. I have a few chronic illnesses that try their hardest to slow me down, but my brain is the Energizer Bunny of brains and it demands that I try to do everything and try new things and keep going all the time. So here I am, blogging about it all.