Thoughts in 140 characters

  • 05:17 Dreamt all night about that giant margarita from Franxesca’s bachelorette party. It was following me, floating about head level, everywhere #
  • 05:21 @rawarrior Did you change something about your blog settings? Your pages keep loading, reloading, reloading. As many as I can go to. #
  • 05:22 @rawarrior To clarify, it’s not anything on the static pages (the ones on the top menu), just the recent stuff. #
  • 06:15 I haven’t tweeted about writing in a while. I am writing: in the van, on paper, waiting for kids. Some articles I’m writing for a newsletter #
  • 06:22 @rawarrior I’m not seeing it happen in IE, but in Firefox, it keeps trying to reload a widget, so the page keeps jumping. #
  • 13:52 I am more stressed than words can say, but have finished buying cards, gifts, wrapping, etc for all that require them & packed for weekend. #
  • 14:06 Making my Twitter profile look good with Themeleon by @COLOURlovers Love it? #

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