International Postcard Swap for Families

We signed up to do the International Postcard Swap for Families over at Playing by the book, but they were all full up for families from the US.  Fortunately, Zoe is a really nice girl and set up a swap for those of us leftover that still wanted to swap.  We received our list a couple weeks ago, but what with everything that’s been going on, we didn’t have time to do our postcards until yesterday. 

Greg, Ben, and I spent the afternoon yesterday going to the post office for special stamps and then to several different stores looking for local postcards without any luck.  We finally hit our local Chamber of Commerce (which has parking across a busy street from the actual building, which is why we didn’t go there first) and found out that they had some.  Eight, to be precise.  Just 8.  We got 4 pretty ones and one of the airport, but it was the best we could do.

We sat down and wrote out the postcards. 

Ben wrote one,

David wrote two, and I wrote one. 

Greg stood nearby wearing swim goggles and pretending to be fishing for dinosaurs.  We’re not sure why.  🙂

The postcards went out with today’s post, as it was too late yesterday to put them out.