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Box Car Racing

Tonight was the Box Car races at our Scout Pack Meeting:
Tiger cubs line up with their box cars.

Tiger cubs line up with their fairly large cars for the parade around the cafeteria.  B was very excited to be an official racer this year after a few years of just racing the other “babies” at the meetings.

A webelo helps Greg fix his box car tire.

A webelo helps G put a tire back on his box.  Apparently I picked up the wrong side of velcro when gluing and affixed two scratchy sides instead of one smooth & one scratchy.  The tires had to be velcroed on because there was a rule that the tires needed to be taken off and put back on by each scouts “pit crew” in between laps of the race.  There wasn’t any other younger kids there for G to race this year, but he did get to run around with the older kids after the official races were over, so that made him very happy.

Webelos & their box cars.

The Webelos line up with their cars on stage for picture taking.  Notice how most of theirs are tiny?  That’s because after 3 years of scouting they’ve figured out that a smaller car means a faster racer.  The kids with bigger cars are new to scouting.

Box car racing!

Outside just before the race started.  We were pretty sure the instructions called for lighted headlights, so our boys glowed out in the darkness. All the racing photos came out as a blur.


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