For Day 11, we’re supposed to clean out our freezers.  We have two, the little one in the house (which is the one I use) and the big one in the garage (which scares me).  I chose to do the one in the house.  The big one would have required a lot of me climbing into the freezer to pull things out (it’s a chest freezer) and knowing my luck I’d get stuck in there and die.

Here’s what I did: I threw out all the old egg whites I’d been saving but never using.  I threw out the orange peels because I never could get a hang of that recipe that used them.  I put all the ice pack-type stuff in the door, where I can find them, except the larger ones which now live in between the two bins in the bottom.  I sorted out all the fruits & veggies into the bin on the left and the nuts & grains into the one on the right.  Ice cream and sorbet stayed on the top shelf in the back (we never eat them), meat moved up to the top shelf, the ice cube tray that held the trays moved out (we never put ice in there anyways), and the juice moved front & center so the kids could find them for easy lunch making.  And that is all.  The spouse says that if I really want to try organizing the big freezer that he can help me tomorrow afternoon on that.  I’m okay with not know what’s out there, I really am.