So Kristal over at Kansas City Cristal wanted us to do an “AFTER ORGANIZING PARTY!” and I totally forgot that yesterday was Groundhog’s Day until someone in the house mentioned it this morning, so I’m just now getting around to taking my pictures.  I actually don’t have a whole lot to show you, as we really haven’t changed up anything too terribly much since the organizing took place.  I did wander around and look in all the drawers and closets, though, and will share some of the funnier things I found.

  • Day One: The Junk Drawer: I chose the kitchen junk drawer.  When I went back to look in it this morning I discovered something surprising: we have a new bright yellow microplane grater WITH A HANDLE!  I am totally surprised and completely happy about this, as our old one was just one long stick of grating, no place to grab on.  What a lovely surprise from my husband!  🙂

  • Day Two: The Computer Desk: This one I have a photo for:

  • Day Three: The Tupperware Cabinet:  Nothing new here, people.  My kids are so happy that they can find their stuff each morning that they make sure to keep this area tidy.
  • Day 4 – Linen Closet: This one looks a little different.  It had come to my attention that my decorating style had become less a style and more a “let’s see how much of the stuff I love I can get out on the shelves at once.”  So I started decluttering out in the living room a bit, then moved bit by bit through the house, taking 1 out of every 4 items down (or more).  I have to say that I really like the difference it made in the house.  The thing is that all this stuff, when it’s not out, lives in the linen closet.  So I tried to put it away neatly, like with like, and this is how it looks right now:

All of those places on Days 5-8 look exactly the same as the organization day.  I’m very pleased that we’ve been able to keep it all up.  🙂

Well, you saw in my post a couple days ago, we’ve redone the boys room.

Days 10-16 are all the same as well.  A few things added, a few things taken away, you know how it goes.  People use up one thing, another takes its place.  🙂

  • Day 17 – The Mail: This area got added to:


  • Day 18 – Keepsakes: These are still being worked on.  I have had a lot of difficulty going through and tossing cute kids stuff over the years, so there is just so much to go through.  Here are the notebooks I’ve made so far, neatly lined up in the living room so people can look at them whenever they want to:
I'm trying to go through another years worth of stuff each week, so I'll be done, umm, 6 weeks from now. But it's a manageable schedule for me, which means it'll get done.



Day 19 & 20 haven’t changed either.  🙂

  • Day 21 – You pick!: I picked our “Room of Requirement,” as everything extra from the organizing had been dumped there.  It looked pretty good after I was done with it, but it has improved a little bit on one side since you last saw it:
I changed out the blanket (going to make a cushion out of this fabric, but for now it's just draped) and added frames from the linen cabinet that I painted to match each other for a frame collage (my favorite is the mirror, which had been dark green & gold splatter-painted).


So there it is.  All still good and organized, which is a good thing because we’re having company over tomorrow and I need to focus on cleaning the areas that people actually see now.  🙂



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