Books 1-5 posted about here.

There were a couple other books I read before the Kage Baker ones, but it’s been so long that a) I can’t remember and b) I’ve already returned that batch to Steph.  Smile  That’s the way it goes sometimes.


The Sons of Heaven (The Company): The Last Book.  Oh how I cried.  I was really sad to be finished with this series and it seemed to end so quickly in this book, all the pieces coming together beautifully.



Not Less Than Gods (The Company Series): I actually read this one last, as that was where it was in the pile.  It was a good book, but my heart wasn’t in it at that point.



The Anvil of the World: Kage Baker writes fantasy!  Who knew!?  I’ve had this book in my pile for ages, never realizing it was Kage Baker until Steph mentioned she had the rest of those books.  I was a bit confused at first because I really thought for a while that they were in space, not on land, but once I got over that I really enjoyed the characters and storylines in this book, although I did think it felt a bit more like a long line of short stories than one whole novel.



The House of the Stag: I really think this one should have been first in the series, though I did not enjoy it as much as Anvil.  It was harder to get into, with a lot more anguish and suffering than I usually enjoy in books, although I did come to enjoy the backstory of the world.



The Bird of the River: this book follows different characters than the two before it, but we get a few cameos and overall I liked it better than the first couple books.



Percy Jackson and the Olympians :
I read all five of the first series of Olympian books, plus the Demigod Files and the Ultimate Guide books all in one fail swoop, mainly because my eldest child was checking them out from the school library.  I read the first one ahead of him to make sure it was okay, then raced to keep up.  It was the first series we read at the same time together and we really enjoyed being able to share it.  I enjoyed what the author did with bringing the gods & goddesses up to modern day.  I think in some ways it would be much better to read the guide books first, though, so you know more about what the characters and creatures are first (and pronunciation guides for the kiddos, too, as David was mispronouncing things left and right.)


18. Mr. Chatworth (I think) – some weird book about a giant dog.  It looked interesting from the description, but once I found out that this menacing guy everyone was so scared of was a giant dog, I couldn’t read any further.


The Callahan Chronicals: I really enjoyed the first couple books in the Callahan series, but petered out after the second one.  Since I have the omnibus, I feel compelled to read the third one just for completions sake, but I’ll wait until I hit another book lull for that.  That being said, I did enjoy the first couple books.  I love the idea of Callahan’s Bar and it’s helpful band of sometimes-not-so-merry drinkers. 


The Time Travelers (The Gideon Trilogy): I really enjoyed this first book.  The story was interesting, the kids were realistic (which becomes drastically more important once you have kids), and I loved all the historic detail.



The Time Thief (The Gideon Trilogy): also a very enjoyable book, but there were a few problems with head-jumping pov’s.  I didn’t feel like there was quite the same level of historical detail in this one, either.  Still very interesting series and I love that the author pulls no punches with the characters.