I was a bit nervous to start in the kitchen, as I really didn’t think there was much in there that needed to go after all that tidying I did in January.  Boy was I wrong!


Photo1: In 2009 I only had one apron, that black one from the café I worked at in college.  It was ugly, so I acquired a few more in nicer colors, but soon realized a couple things: 1) lower half only aprons are silly & don’t help at all and 2) You can only wear one apron at a time, so why have a billion of them?  (That last one was the kids art apron, which they never wear these days)

Photo 2: Spare bits of things we don’t use any more.  Those glasses are from our wedding.  They’ve never been touched again.  One was broken immediately after this picture was taken.

Photo 3: These were all hanging on the walls of my kitchen.  They don’t go together well and were just taking up what I like to call “eye space.”  I took down one other picture, but it’s going in the “find another home in the house” pile rather than the “leaving the house” pile.



Not pictured: a pile of papers & shelf full of glass jars that got recycled and a coffee grinder that got tossed because it ceased to work (it should have gone to the recycling center, too, now that I think about it).  Also I’m making up a box of only-for-parties items that can go live in the garage, so I can make better use of the space in the kitchen for things I actually do use a lot (like my muffin pans & cooling racks, which are always impossible to get to).