I don’t think I posted about this, but I got a 2nd generation Kindle for my birthday, slightly used, but in great condition (and very inexpensive, as well).  I’m so excited about it!  I had books downloaded and was reading (and fending off children who wanted to borrow it) within an hour of getting it.

The only problem with it?  No cover.  Just the Kindle and the cord came in the mail.  With three kids and my propensity to just shove things in my bag and move on, the poor Kindle doesn’t stand much of a chance in it’s nakedness.

The answer?  Well, I made a cover.  I started with a little bag a friend had made me years ago that just happened to be nearly the right size for the Kindle.  I also had a couple flat pieces of styrofoam from one of David’s gifts, a piece of super-soft cashmere fleece leftover from baby blanket making(it was $20/yard, long story there), a bit of velcro leftover from another project, a lost button, and some ribbon off a gift.  Total cost: $0  My favorite kind of project. Smile

So after a bit of time with my handy-dandy scissors and some liquid stitch, here it is:

The inside:


The outside:


All laced up and ready to go:


I do have a “real” case on order from ebay…the kind that makes the Kindle feel like a book with a booklight attached.  I’m sure it’ll be nice, but it won’t arrive for a week or more and this case is just sooo soft.  Smile