Yesterday was a super busy one.  I got the first kids to school on time -which is early due to David’s violin lessons- then headed over to my parents house for coffee and to get Greg’s car seat (he rode in Ben’s since Ben is just one week away from No More CarSeat!).  We also got the base for the new-to-us TV, since we’ll be getting that this weekend after all the festivities are done.

After getting Greg ready and off to school (dropping off Ben’s library book along the way), I went shopping.  I tried three different stores, but none had the ribbon I was looking for.  Everywhere I look in blogland people are using supercute ribbons, but there are none to be found in my town.  So after three stops I finally  gave up and got something else for my friends baby shower.  I also remembered to pick up the shower supplies, like cups & plates & napkins because I’d totally forgot to put those on the list the other day when I was asking people to list what they were bringing.

At that point I got a text from my neighbor saying she was finally taking me up on my offer to let her kids use the now-too-tiny tricycles (which are only used when we’ve got spare little folk around).  So I rushed home, handed those off to her, talked with her kids about their birthdays, and completely ran out of time to eat lunch.  I had eggs cooking, got them made into a sandwich, ready to go, but knocked a glass of tea over and made a giant mess, so I was late for my volunteer job.

This fall I’ve been volunteering a couple hours (or more during book fair) a week at the library at the kids school.  I label the new books, shelve everything, check books in & out, help kids find stuff, and occasionally help in the computer lab.  Up until now I worked on Thursday afternoons, but I started taking piano lessons last week (using one of David’s lessons since he wasn’t there to use it) and my time slot is right in the middle of library time.  So I surprised the librarian by being in on my “off day (she forgot to write down my new schedule), and got to learn a new bunch of kids names, as the library helpers change by day.  Also have a different set of classes coming through, so more new names to learn there as well.

From there I left to pick up Greg and then turn around to pick up the other kids.  We had a quick snack & piano practice before leaving again for the kids piano lessons.  I brought craft supplies and worked on a secret project (all will be revealed next week).  Whee!    Lessons went well, came home to dinner nearly done (squash stuffed with sausage, carrots, onions, & seasoned rice).  Got kids showered and off to bed by 9.  I was so tired that I kept falling asleep during Terra Nova, but that was okay because we’re a couple weeks behind and had come to the one that was pre-empted by baseball, so there was only 9 minutes of it.  Woke up enough to watch the entire next episode before bedtime for me.  Smile