…or maybe #2 or #3…who really knows.  How bout this: first one with all our little family!  We drove down to Manor on Saturday morning and headed directly to my sister’s house.  There I dropped off the spouse and the younger kids with my parents and headed off back into Austin for the Christopher Paolini book signing.  David is a big fan of his and some friends of ours got him a ticket into the signing.  DSCN4893We got to hear Christopher Paolini tell some stories about his life and writing the Eragon series.  He was very personable.  DSCN4897We had an extra good ticket and were able to get our book signed quite quickly.  While CP was nice to adults, he was charming to younger folk.  I mentioned it to David on the way back and he replied “That’s because kids expect more of him.”  Very true.




We were only in the bookstore for an hour and a half, but our Thanksgiving dinner was nearly ready by the time we got back.  Smile DSCN4918April made turkey, homemade mashed potatoes, gravy, and brought rolls & pie from her bakery.  DSCN4919DSCN4920My mom made our traditional sweet potato casserole and Nick made the green bean casserole (just the way I like it).DSCN4926DSCN4925DSCN4921DSCN4924

After dinner there was the by-now-traditional Wrestling of the Daddy!DSCN4931DSCN4928DSCN4927

The children were, of course, up at the crack of dawn, which pleased the kitties, as they were STARVING..


Stealth Kitty wants to know why Sleeping Boy is asleep.

Stalking Kitty is stalking Sleeping Boy.

First breakfast involved lots of fruit and happy small boys.


Second breakfast involved eggs, potatoes, and beef bacon.  Mmm, beef bacon.

DSCN4948Silly boys make silly faces.DSCN4949DSCN4953

Me and my sister.  Smile


We had to go back home earlier than we’d like to have on Sunday because Nick needed to work, but we had a great weekend with my family!  Smile

One thought on “Thanksgiving #1

  1. Wow. I love the photo-blog aspect of this. It’s true that pictures say so much, but your words actually enhance the photos.
    Thanksgiving sounds so much less crazy when I read about it here. And I’ve got to admire David’s grasp of the adult-kid relationship. It makes me actually want to read another Paolini book. (I’d kind of sworn them off when it looked Robert Jordanish.)


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