…and I can’t believe that I never got around to sharing my fall decor this year.  I put it up early, like the 2nd to last week in August.  I had a house full of kids that day (literally; at least 2 kids for every one of mine) and for some reason I decided that was the time to do the decorating.  *shakes head* Have I mentioned that I had two concussions this year?  Yeah.  I blame that.


Here’s the entry way:

those plants used to be pretty & alive.

Here’s the foyer.  That little guy on the trike falls over every three seconds.  He’s a gift from my mom, though, so I must keep him.  The leaves and acorns were an art project I did with Greg.  They were originally glued to paper and destined for wall art, but they refused to stay on the paper, so they became scatter art instead.

Here’s the fireplace.  The little pictures taped to the mantle were not part of the original plan, but I found them taped up there by some sweet boy one morning and decided to leave them there.  They’re little animal fact cards.  The glass holders I made way back in January and I’ve been stuffing them with seasonal stuff as the year goes on.  The big frame was something I got for $3 on sale years ago and made the scrapbooking thing inside it last fall.  It never got photos in it, but the big multi-frame thing mysteriously made its way out one day and since the photos in i where fall photos, it stayed out.  At the bottom is some art that used to be on the wall before the giant TV took over the room as well as the little items that used to be on the buffet the TV is now on.


Last but not least, the laundry room.  I love this little shelf above my washer.  It was from the old kitchen and I just love how it’s got four colors of paint on it from all it’s years of service.  I know it would drive some people crazy, but it makes me happy.  This is the first year I’ve used it for seasonal decor.  It used to house the random junk that came out of pockets (that now lives in a basket in the cupboard above this.


That’s it!  I mean, I have a few random little pumpkins and turkey drawings here or there, but that’s about all for this year.  I left about half our decor in the box because honestly, I’m a bit worn out this year.  (Plus since we moved David into the spare room and we decorated the bathroom in the theme of Aggieland, we’re down quite a bit of space to decorate).

One thought on “Fall is almost over…

  1. I’m impressed that you even managed to decorate for Fall. I never did. Well, I take that back. We did get a new Fall-inspired tablecloth. And we did decorate for Halloween. There’s a freaky new house on our street that put out an inflatable yard turkey. It disturbs me. There it sits, in its jolly little pilgrim hat, pumped full of air, waving its little turkey feathers in the breeze, all unaware that Thanksgiving is not, in fact, a day in which we celebrate turkey. We EAT it!!!!!! *ahem*


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