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National Junior Honor Society

Our son was selected to be part of his school’s National Junior Honor Society for next year. (If you don’t know what that is, go here.)

Our son's name is called
Our son’s name is called
David receives his certificate of induction into the NJHS
David receives his certificate of induction into the NJHS

I’ll be honest here: I was not an NJHS member in junior high.  I got decent grades, but I was not leadership material at that time and I was so shy that I would literally run away if you talked to me and I didn’t want to talk to you. My husband wasn’t part of NJHS either, but his school was small enough that they didn’t offer it.

Anyhow, I could not be prouder of my son. (I’m tearing up again as I type this.) He is such a good, smart, wonderful boy.

My NJHS member and I during the reception
My NJHS member and I

The ceremony was beautiful, the gym looked lovely, and they had a wonderful, encouraging speaker, too. Getting cookies at the reception afterward was an adventure, but all three boys managed to get them AND get back to me without spilling a drop of punch. 🙂


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