Well, the first week of summer week has come and gone. SO.VERY.FAST!!


Day One (which was Monday. I don’t count weekends.): Rain, with a side of rain, some more rain, swim lessons, and some instrument shopping.

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Day Two: Library Time, instrument trials, and new muffin recipes. We are already tired of summer.  We’ve not done a single fun thing I’d planned on doing this week. Themed days thrown out the window due to swimming-lesson-induced exhaustion. School bridge activity books ignored in favor of books from library. I am too tired for words. The kids seem…fine…actually. So, success?

2014-06-09 15.12.20 2014-06-09 16.50.29 2014-06-10 08.16.56

Day Three: Swim lessons are really fun!

2014-06-10 13.49.35

Day Four: 

New plan: kids ASKED for return of the responsibility chart, dailies & rewards list. Apparently they like that better than a timed schedule. Also made dailies list for the mama & dad, so everyone can feel equal, and also get stickers (Greg insisted we needed them – maybe we do). So we printed those out and immediately people got their morning lists done without me asking. Interesting. And now the planned activities are a list they can chose from at random when boredom strikes (which we’ve done before & they said they hated, but now want again). Interesting. I’m just rolling with it. If things get done, good. If not, good. The chore chart request is still cracking me up.

2014-06-12 09.22.59

Day Five: We´ve been in the backyard watching lightning bugs tonight. They’re coming way closer to the house than they used to. Here, Nick has caught one for the kids to look at closely.

2014-06-13 20.40.34