Afternoon house adventure

Came home to a gas leak at our house. But David got me chocolate, so I sat in the front yard eating Dove minis while waiting for the gas company. Fortunately it was breezy, yet not rainy. The guy showed up, walked inside, and immediately told me it was not the gas line. He did follow up and check everything, just in case, but told me it was the sewer line. Also, in the process, he told me my hot water heater was leaking and that it wasn’t even turned on, which explains the weeks of cold showers we’d been having. I tried calling the sewer people, but they did not answer, it being after 5pm already. Fortunately, the gas guy hadn’t left yet. He had the number for the emergency line, which also didn’t answer. So he called a guy “who knew a guy” and eventually the sewer people sent someone. Of course he wasn’t the right someone, either. This one called his supervisor, who sent someone else. Meanwhile Nick came home. Nick and the new person toured the house, they ran a snake down a drain, and told us that our line is the last one on the line from the sewer, and when it backs up, it backs up into our line, and there’s nothing they can do about it. Yay? So much time and energy for nothing done.