Little disasters

Last week our clothes washer overflowed. Just a little bit. Once, twice, three times. We thought it was just because of the rain. Our neighborhood waste water system always backs up and we’re the last house on the line, so we always get hit with the weird smells and backed up line.

Thursday, the kids told me their showers had been slow to drain. Saturday I noticed the whole bathroom floor was wet after my husband’s shower, but I attributed it to a lack of bath mat.

Then Sunday, after my longer-than-usual shower, the flood hit. Water was everywhere and I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Nick eventually figured out what the problem was. We had to cancel our board game day. Everyone was sad. Well, one kid wasn’t, but he never enjoys game day anyway.

This stormy morning, I called the plumber this morning and a couple hours later two noncommunicative men came out and worked on the drain line. Thankfully it was not raining at that point. They said maybe four sentences to me. I missed my dentist appointment, but the clog has left now, life can go on.