When I set out to change up how I blog this last year, I’d figured on blogging every two weeks, on my church’s off weeks, but the time in between goes so fast and is stuffed with so many things that I often arrive at my computer and am completely overwhelmed about what to post and what to keep private. Being a more professional writer has been such a learning curve!

Since I last wrote here, there’ve been a couple winter guard performances for my youngest kid, which I chaperoned, my midkid learned how to make pancakes (in a few hilarious attempts, which he live-texted me about), Indy has gotten incomprehensibly larger, I rearranged my fridge to be more ADHD friendly (veggies in the door so we can see them), and I attended the East Texas Book Fest!

I had a fantastic time! I sat in a little corner where most of the writers were from my local writers group, so I had support, advice, and fun. Everyone that came to my table was encouraging, and I both sold a book and got invited to speak at a library in a nearby town as well. Such a great experience!

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