When I last posted, I was about to go see the orthopedic doctor, which the former health blogger in me insists was a whole experience that probably should have a post to itself. But since I’m not doing much of that these days, I will just show you my glorious new prescription shoes:

If you don’t know me, please know that a) I usually hate shoes, and b) pink is not normally my favorite thing. However, these shoes are like walking on bouncy marshmallow clouds and it turns out I love that! Also, they match my new color-shifting glasses, which brings me joy. 🙂

For Spring Break, we spent half the week in town, doing generic house stuff and watching movies. The second half, we traveled (my youngest driving for the first time!) to College Station to visit my dad, sister, and other family. We repainted his outdoor statuary, had meals with the fam, and watched a lot of Ancient Aliens (which my dad is addicted to right now). On the way home, we stopped in a thrift store and bought me a practically brand new computer monitor, which I’m overjoyed with.

In writing news, I’ve been gearing up to attend the East Texas Book Fest next month. When I signed up, I’d hoped to have a book of my own available to sell, but that just hasn’t been a reality. But I’ll have copies of my anthologies available, and I’ve been working on how to dress up my little table. I’m super excited about the event and I hope to see y’all there! More info here: East Texas Book Fest

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