More fun with science

David is …well, fairly far behind in his cub scout work for this year.  I apparently haven’t had him doing enough stuff, or enough of the right stuff while Nick was gone, so now he’s playing catch-up.  So on Friday Nick took the big kids out and got them each a science kit (and a foam airplane for Greg so he wouldn’t feel left out).

David got a model kit to build the space shuttle.  That part didn’t actually take very long, nor was it very hard to do.  The hard part: instead of stickers for all the design stuff, they had teeny tiny tattoos that had to be cut out & applied with water.  Needless to say, I found most of them on the floor this morning.  Still, he designed a background for it to display against & it looks pretty cool.

Ben’s kit was more experimental.  He got one about light.  It contained around 25 items, including prisms, magnifying glasses, a small motor, lens making kit, reflective mylar, and instructions on how to make a box camera.  It was really cool.  We played with that all afternoon and parts of it came out during the rest of the weekend, too.

Greg has discovered the Paint app for the iPhone and he’s been making me lots of little pictures on it.