What I’m doing this year

People are asking, so here we go:

  1. I didn’t “quit” the PTA, despite how gleeful I might be about stepping down from President-status. I’m still going to Student Health Advisory Committee meetings and am acting as a Council Delegate for at least the middle school PTA (and I’ve offered to do the same for the elementary school, since I’m already going to be there and be writing up reports, may as well kill two birds with one stone, right?). I’m still on the Staff/Teacher Appreciation committees and bringing food up for those days and also doing the Flex Day and 93 and Up Party at the middle school, and heck, I’ll probably even chaperon some field trips and dances while I’m at it. But I’m not on any Executive Board this year and really, that is a lot of work/time/mental stress I’m “skipping out” on.
  2. What am I doing? To sum it up quickly: writing and exercising and organizing.
  3. Oh, you want details? Okay, here goes:
    1. Writing: I have a few novels that are nearing the end of Draft One that I’d like to see actually finish Draft One and move on into Draft Two and Ready for Human Consumption/Editing sometime this year. Also a dozen or so poems that are probably finished, but need Eyes and Sending Off.
    2. Exercising: I’m trying to lose about 90 pounds (a number which I find horrifying). I’m a stress eater/drinker. Boy, have the last few years been full of stress. (Joy, too, but still a lot of stress.) Plus I have been taking multiple medicines that have been shown to cause weight gain as a side effect.  So I’m starting with restorative yoga one day a week, strength training a couple days, aerobics a couple days, and a couple days off because I can’t keep it up if I don’t take time off for rest.
    3. Organizing: I’m a pseudo-hoarder. I occasionally watch those shows on TV and think “Oh, thank God I’m not THAT bad!” while I have boxes and boxes of things carefully labelled and awaiting sorting/filing/recycling. I love labeling things, but throwing things out or recycling them? AIE. I’d rather die. What if I need something out of that pile?!?!? No, really, I’d rather scrapbook them and move on, but barring time and energy to complete those tasks, I’ve labelled and boxed things up and now my house is impressively full. So my plan is to start going through the boxes and start tossing/recycling things that no longer have meaning to my family. Once that part is done, I’d like to get back into scrapbooking things again. I like scrapbooking; it’s just time consuming and I have been far too busy with working for money and working for the good of our schools and our church to get that kind of thing done. So part of my time this year will be catching up on that.
    4. Extras: singing in the church choir & ladies ensemble, helping out on the kitchen crew one weekend a month, playing with the church ensemble and playing piano/clarinet solos/duets for Special Music or Offertory, helping out with kids crafts/social time at church, maybe starting up a book club again, helping out with Cub scouts and Boy scouts, helping people figure out their computers and smart phones, writing blog posts, and updating Facebook. You know, the usual. 🙂

Volunteer Obligations?

Yesterday was so busy that at one point I found myself crying in the bathroom. Yeah, I felt like a real winner. LOW POINT!

Even before school was insane. One child told me he needed a monkey costume for that night, one kid told me that the shirt I’d ironed & starched for the event he had going on that day was mysteriously in the bottom of his laundry basket, my third child kept wandering around muttering “never mind, never mind.” I still have no idea what he needed.


After dropping everyone off at their various places, I spent my morning battling technology (changing passwords FTW!), organizing kid’s room closets, and preparing for my next-to-last PTA meeting as president.  I didn’t get to eat lunch because the food I thought was in the fridge for me wasn’t there and at that point there wasn’t time for anything else or I’d be late (I was getting texts from people 15 minutes before the meeting telling me people were there already.) The meeting went well, although lots of little date changes and still a TON going on before the end of the year.


I left there and ran to Chapel Hill (next town over) High School for the Middle School UIL Concert & Sightreading Contest. I got to follow David’s band through warm-up, the concert, and even into the sightreading room. They did so well. I’m so proud of them! (And I loved meeting some of the other parents chaperoning there as well)

This program had so many bands listed in it and it was all in 10 point font and so hard to read!
This program had so many bands listed in it and it was all in 10 point font and so hard to read!
This was one of two band halls in the building. This one was the warm-up room. I loved all the instrument cages along the walls. :)
This was one of two band halls in the building. This one was the warm-up room. I loved all the instrument cages along the walls. 🙂
2014-04-10 14.58.27
On stage during the concert portion of the concert.



From there, I ran to pick up my younger kiddos from a friends house, stopping only long enough to pick up a much belated lunch. We discussed yet more PTA (she’s my VP) before we ran off to change clothes for my youngest’s Mama Goose program.  We got there and it turned out he didn’t need a monkey costume specifically, he could have been any nursery rhyme character he wanted.  I nearly lost it at that point.  We have a huge costume box and could have made many different nursery rhyme characters happen if I’d known about it. (The teacher pointed out that the original note that went home about the event a month or so ago told us what they needed, but I pointed out to her that that note was also the permission slip and I’d sent it back in. I need this stuff to be sent back out a second time closer to the event or put on the school website. It makes me insane.)

Anyway, my kid wore a monkey hat and I just have to be okay with it.

Greg and his friend Sutherland (who didn't bring a costume either. See, it's okay!)
Greg and his friend Sutherland (who didn’t bring a costume either. See, it’s okay!)
During the program: Greg was on the back row anyway.
During the program: Greg was on the back row anyway.


After that we came back home (finally!) and started on homework, instrument practicing, cleaning for the Days of Unleavened Bread, and eating dinner. WHEW! Fortunately there was wine and The Big Bang Theory for after the kids went to bed.