Mother Goose & Best Buy

David and I went to another Mother Goose story time today at the library…and we had fun…and we’re starting a playgroup with some other people from there. 🙂

I am both happy and sad to announce that I got a new Palm Pilot today. It’s an m105, a replacement for my old IIIe, which sadly died sometime earlier this month. Best Buy was very nice about replacing it, as I had a 3-year warranty on the thing. It’s actually an upgrade for me because this Palm has 8MB of memory as opposed to the 2MB that the old one had. I’m happy about that, but sad about the screen size — it seems much much smaller. Oh well. I got a happy bright red faceplate cover while I was there (they were on sale — just the red ones ???). It’s very nice. I love the way the flip cover flips back like a notepad instead of just up like on the IIIe. Quite happy.

dododo…what else? Hmm… Nothing I can think of. I’m running away now because I’m starving. Bye!