Have you ever gotten to that point where you have been trying to update so many different people about so many different things that you’ve forgotten who you talked to about what?

Yeah. I’m there.

We’re doing all right here. Nick and David have both been asleep for a couple hours now (yes, I know it’s a weird time of day for that) and it’s been incredibly nice. I’ve actually caught up on reading my e-mail without deleting mass quantities of it unread. YAY! That never seems to happen anymore. I’ve also been tidying up my online accounts and such, deleting/unsubbing from things I’m no longer interested in and adding stuff that’s more me.

I still have to clean up all the dead fire ants. They seem to be just about everywhere–they wandered the house as they died. The ones in the bathroom are going to be the hardest, as they are stuck between the baseboard and the row of carpet tacks and the broom doesn’t really do much. I’m waiting on the dustbuster to recharge from it’s earlier cleaning fest (CRUMBS! I hate crumbs on the couch.)

I just signed up for NaNoWriMo. I’m just a bit excited about it. I know it’s an insane time to be doing it (as we may be moving), but it just seems like the time to do it. I’ve been having many writerly thoughts lately, and I do have that dictation software installed…

More news on Nick’s interview: It’s on Monday at 10am at Howe-Baker. The company’s been around a while, the benefits sound like they might be good, and it could be stuff Nick likes to do (he’ll find out during the interview).

I’ve had 44 ounces of Dr. Pepper in the last 4 hours, which may not sound like a lot over time, but considering that I don’t normally have any caffeine during the week…EEK! I’m hoping the bounciness lasts until I get a little further on the scrapbook I’m working on.