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These two boys haven’t been sleeping lately. Oh, sure, they’ll sleep and hour here or there during the night, usually at opposite times, but for me, that is Not Sleeping. I haven’t had a full nights or even a half nights sleep in over two weeks.

So this morning I made an executive decision (Nick’s not available, so it’s up to me. woo hoo!) to forgo the Workroom for now and to turn that room back into the Nursery. I think the two boys are feeding off of each others inability to sleep and us constantly having to go into that one same room twelve times a night is keeping them up even more than they would have been on their own.

I’ve already moved Greg’s toys. He’s sooo excited! Some of them I don’t think he’s even seen before (they were on the shelves in the boys room, but the way it was set up, you couldn’t really easily get to them). Of course, he has a few toys that aren’t his that he’s trying to drag over there. It’s kinda funny, actually.

Anyways, I hope this helps fix the problem.