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Best spot in the house


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Gregory doesn’t really like Thursdays. Those are the days that everyone else gets to leave the house and he’s stuck home alone with his momma. He spends quite a bit of the day hanging out by the door, waiting for time to go get his brothers.

Even when he’s not waiting for a brother to come home, he loves the front door. There’re all the trees to look at and sometimes people with dogs go by. Frequently we have little dust-n-leave twisters right outside the front door (at least a couple times a day, actually).

Personally, I’m not really fond of our entryway. It has the old wallpaper from the former residents. It’s always messy with papers and backpacks and jackets. It’s drafty this time of year and hot in the summer. The doorway isn’t big enough to really see a lot that’s going on out front of the house.

But Gregory loves it. So do the other kids. They like to set up their bowling pins there and dig through my shoes (from the shoe cupboard–to wear, of course!).


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