quick not-dead post

Hello there!

We’re Not Dead!

We (me and the biggest two kids) went to a party four hours away from us for little LB’s party this weekend. There were real horses and stick-horses were made and silly balloon hats were worn. Afterwards we went to Chick-Fil-A, where we had a surreal moment in which I identified a family based solely on photos I’d seen of their kids on the internet (not in that creepy I’m-a-stalker sort of way. More in that wow-what-a-surprise-nice-to-meet-you sort of way). Our kids played beautifully with their kids and all was well. Then we drove four hours back home and I didn’t fall asleep or drive off the road.
Today we moved more stuff back into the house and I lovingly put away books. By which I mean that in addition to alphabetizing them and wondering how they got so out-of-order and placing them on the shelves, I read bits and pieces here and there. Something that I think Nick suspected, as it took me all afternoon to finish the shelving. Oh well. I’m ecstatic to have them all back and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

In other news, of my latest two close friends here in my town, one’s husband just had a job interview out of state, and the other will be moving several states away in a month (though only for three months, then they’ll be back). I can’t catch a break. (E, you’re not ever going to move, right? Cause I’d be heartbroken.)

That’s it for now. Photos are, of course, up on flickr.