my day so far

5:30am Nick’s alarm goes off

5:55am Nick wakes me up for my shower

6:29am I am clean, dressed, and still not quite awake

6:32am Nick goes back to bed.  We torture him for 20 minutes

6:53am I tell Nick it’s nearly 7am and to get up.

7:00am David has been awake 20 minutes and still is not dressed.

7:11am I discover that Nick is not awake.  He usually leaves for work at 7:15.  This is not good.  (Apparently I was supposed to wake him up “at” 7am.)

7:25am I’ve finally persuaded David to make his lunch (he’s dressed now) but he can’t figure out how to clean out his lunch box (which is filled with velvet pear jello)

7:35am We’re heading out the door and David says “Today’s the Storybook Character Parade!  Where’s my costume?!”  I grab the Harry Potter stuff out, throw it in a bag, and we’re off.  Drop David at school

7:45am  At home, but still in the car.  Realize 3 things: 1) David’s forgotten his lunch & schoolwork, 2) No one’s eaten yet, and 3) Greg’s poopy.

8:05am  After cleaning up baby poop from everywhere in the universe, dressing him in different clothes, re-shoeing everyone, and grabbing cookies to tide us over for the duration, we are finally back at the school.  Since the parade starts in just 10 minutes, we decide to stay.

8:15am  Starting to regret staying, as it is cold and there’s no parade in sight.

8:20am Parade starts.  Kids that do not belong to me run up to me, hug me, call me “mom.” The parade is awesome!  I take pictures of the teachers we know that dressed up.  Also take pictures of kids I’ve taught in Sunday school & VBS & mom’s group at various places over the years.  Most of them remember me enough to smile & pose.

8:45am  On the way home, realize we need tampons & hot cocoa.  End up buying: tampons, hot cocoa, strawberries, ibuprofen, salad mix, & Nilla Wafers.

9:15am  Finally actually home.   Feed kids strawberries and hot cocoa.

9:30am Start looking in car for library books.  They aren’t in the car.  I didn’t take them out.  Call spouse, ask if he let books loose.  He saw some on the kids shelves, mixed in.  *sigh*

10am Have finally found all 17 books.  Load up books, kids, and recycling into van.

10:15am Leave house again.  *sigh*

10:25am Actually early for storytime.  Only’s happened once before.  Wow.

11am Ben is hiding behind a tree while other kids are flying homemade kites.  A grandmotherly person comes and tells me this will make her daughter feel better.  Oh yay.  Later, daughter comes over and introduces herself as “L’s mom, from MDO”  Yeah.  So apparently all four of our younger kids are in MDO together during the week.  I pass on my phone number on the way out to check books.

11:15am Look for book I saw on another mommy blog.  It’s listed as being there, but it’s not on the shelf.  Enlist help.  Am told that it’s probably been remaindered and that if I really want it I can request they buy a new copy or wait for the big library sale and buy it then.  OH JOY.

11:40am  In driveway, with two sleeping children.  Realize we forgot to go to the recycling center. (Goodness, how often are they going to redesign the city website this year?!)

And now it’s 12:04 and Ben’s been asking for either a) or b) a cookie for twenty-two minutes.  Yeah, that nap didn’t last long.  I demand a nap of my own now.  NAP NAP NAP NAP NAP NAP NAP!