…apparently my new twitter cross-poster is not cross-posting. How sad. I think most of you follow me on Twitter or Facebook though, so I guess it’s not much of a loss.

This week I’ve been obsessing about writing. Update at

Other than that, there’s been a lot of cleaning/organizing/tidying and kid silliness and playing the Wii (I’m into Super Mario Wii and D&B are into Lego Indiana Jones Wii and Greg is doing Ni Hao Kai Lan Wii game). I read one book last weekend, but the one I’m reading now — some travel memoir — I keep misplacing. I downloaded a bunch of stuff for free for the Kindle iPhone app, so I’ll start reading on that while I wait during pick-up time next week.

I’ve finished watching the first two seasons of Big Bang Theory and loved it. Sadly, I can’t get the first half of the current season anywhere legal, so I’m starting that mid-season when it comes back on. Also watched “Cranford” and “Little Dorrit” on Masterpiece Classic on PBS once again. Wondering why MC can’t be on PBS regularly instead of just at the first of the year.

Finally convinced David to read something not Star Wars related for school reading time for the first time in 3 years. He’s reading 13 Ways to Sink a Sub by Jamie Gilson, which I loved as a child. Not sure why I loved it. Not a clue, but it’s cute. He has to read aloud to us for 20 minutes each night, so I’m lining up my favorite exciting childhood stories for that. Nick reads the kids some Hardy Boys each weekend night & I read all the shorter books the rest of the week. Greg gets his own story time during the day as well. He picked out a book called My Book Box at the store today & we’ve read it four times since 2pm. 🙂

And now it’s time to go pay attention to my husband….