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Rainy Day activities, afternoon edition

So after a good half hour of scanning everything in the cupboards & fridge, we finally settled on crackers & cheese & the lightsaber carrot for lunch, with a side of deli turkey.  Then we caved in a watched what I considered a "Mommy show" and what Greg considered a "big boy show": Sabrina the Teenage Witch (one of the very safe ones where the message basically came down to "Don’t be a bigot").

Then it was back to no TV day, so here’s what we did:
-fought off Count Dooku with a clapper toy & a dust mop from under a blanket on the couch
-then Greg said "Let’s go to my room, but first let me dust you," so I got dusted
-I dusted him back and we sneezed about twenty times
-pretended to be doctors (because of the sneezing) and found out that stuffed animals don’t have heart beats
-practiced our roaring
-helped Nick carry things inside from his errands
-sniffed all the new tea
-played Monster (just Nick & Greg – I started typing this list instead)
-had a contest to see who was the best at throwing the foam pocket plane (verdict: neither of us)
-did a magic show with the pocket plane (now we can’t find it)
-played with the bubble wrap game on the iPhone
-sang the books of the Bible songs over and over again

And then the brothers came home & we started doing the after school stuff: talking about our days, planning the next few months on the calendar, putting away school stuff, putting away other stuff, etc.


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