Rainy Day activities

Some days I wish I had a more focused blog, the kind that was chock full of advice about something, but I don’t have that kind of focus, anyway.  However, today, you will get to hear about our rainy day activities, just because.

Since we’ve been sick for about a month, we’ve gotten used to having the TV on just about every hour we’re awake.  Today was the day I said "ENOUGH ALREADY!" and unplugged it (literally, the screen portion is unplugged).

Things we did instead:
-I built towers out of blocks so Greg could knock them down
-Greg started building towers, then let me finish them so he could knock them down
-tried to learn to juggle (again, for the 15 millionth time)
-fed each other tortilla chip crumbs
-pretended we were tied down on a pirate ship and had to figure out how to get loose without falling off the ship (this is harder when the ship is invisible, but today it was the sofa)
-went through the whole house with a magnet to see what was metal and what wasn’t (with the attending screams of "NO, DON’T TOUCH THAT TO THE COMPUTER STUFF")
-talked Greg out of flushing Lego guys
-played hide-and-seek repetitively
-we threw a sticky frog at the tallest ceiling in the living room & tried to make it stick; it was too dirty, so we washed it and hope it’ll work later
-destroyed & attempted to rebuild Lego Star Wars thing without instructions(we crashed into it while chasing through the house)
-trimmed his hair in the front, but not the back because "that’s Nana’s job"
-test-smelled all seven kinds of lotion in the house before choosing one to get rid of the itchies after rolling on top of tortilla chip crumbs (which we also spilled while chasing through house) – his favorite: the cinnamon kind from holiday inn express– mmmm
-we took a picture of his half-wet-half-dry hair and uploaded it to facebook (his idea, not mine)
-then Greg discovered twitter and made his first tweet
-then we had a crazy jam session (first Greg on recorder & cymbals, me on tamborine, jingle bells, & shaker; then Greg on both tamborines & jingle bells attached to his legs, me on castanets, Christmas bell, & shaker between my toes; he shouts pause and then presses me to hold more and more instruments) / dancing jazz band parade
-(We also sorted laundry & stuff that came in from the van & looked for paperwork for the car registration, but none of that was fun)

And now it’s lunch time, so we’re going to go eat, otherwise I will collapse.