We’ve had about 5 Thanksgivings this year. I am full up to the brim with turkey and may die if I have to have it again this year.

Our first Thanksgiving was on Nov 17th at Nick’s work. Greg and I were only bringing stuff up to Nick, but we got invited to stay, so we did. There were lots of non-Thanksgiving-like foods (7 layer taco dip, mac&cheese, broccoli/cheese casserole) there, so we mostly got some of those, so as not to kill ourselves too early in the series.

On Nov 18th was G’s MDO Thanksgiving event. I admit here that I totally missed it. I completely forgot it was happening. Really all they did was watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and eat popcorn, so it’s not like I missed much. Here’s a picture I took afterwards of him in his “Native American” vest.
Greg in his Indian Scout vest from MDO Thanksgiving

Nov 19th we spent washing & packing for our trip to Austin for Real Thanksgiving(tm) at April’s house. We drove down first thing Saturday morning and spent the day there eating and eating and then watching the A&M vs. UNL game (it’s very trippy to watch that with someone who formerly worked at UNL and now works at TAMU all while in Austin, it really is). I have zero pictures of that event because I still didn’t have my camera cord in yet. I took tons of photos on my sisters camera, but she didn’t have an internet connection to upload to, so the photos are stuck there until Christmas. *sigh* Sunday we got up, ate a really huge breakfast, divvied up the leftovers, then hit Whole Foods for more goodies before heading back home.

Nov 22nd-24th it was just me and all three kids at home. We cleaned out their room, top to bottom, including all their dresser drawers and closet messes. We weeded out anything that was stained or had holes or just wasn’t loved. We ended up keeping only about 1/3 of G’s clothes, 1/2 of B’s and nearly all of D’s (he had the least). One day we spent literally half the day at the zoo.

Another day we picnicked in the living room.

Greg wanted everyone to picnic, but it was too cold, so we indoor picnicked.

Actual Thanksgiving Day we got up and played Macy’s Parade Bingo while watching said parade. Around 12:30pm our guests arrived. We’d asked at church who didn’t have anywhere to go for Thanksgiving and so we ended up hosting a nice couple that we hadn’t met before. They weren’t able to visit family because of work and their family that was supposed to come was unable to due to recovery from a car accident, so we all had the meal together. Nick fixed his favorite new recipes from all those Thanksgiving shows that we’ve watched over the years. 98% of it was great. The remaining 2% was edible, just a bit watery. We had a fabulous time and now have two new fiends at church. 🙂


Friday we stayed home. The kids watched movies and played outside. Nick watched football games. I cleaned up messes and did laundry and played with kids. It was a good day, too. We ended the day with the house just as clean as it was before the guests arrived and I’ve managed to keep it up that way every since. Saturday Nick taught Sabbath school to the younger kids.DSCN0259DSCN0277

That night we had yet another Thanksgiving type meal at Nick’s parents house (though we call it the Holcomb Anniversary Dinner). The kids had fun running around with their cousins and roasting marshmallows on the fire. The rest of us had fun talking and eating. We had a family picture taken of just our little family and another one of the extended family (although not on my camera; I need to get a copy of that still).DSCN0293

Sunday we spent recovering and eating yet more leftovers.  Now it’s the last day of November and I refuse to eat any more leftover Thanksgiving. Bwahahaha.