Yesterday was Day 13 of the 21 day challenge, but as we do Saturday as our Sabbath, I’m doing my cleaning today instead.  Today’s challenge was to clean out our medicine cabinets.  Now I’ve been looking at everyone else’s and for the most part they are doing those little behind-the-mirror places, but I don’t have one of those.  I have a big closet o’ medicines and other supplies in my bathroom.  So that’s what I did.  (The medicine stuff for the kids bathroom was covered when I did the linen closet, which is the giant cabinet in their bathroom – even bigger than mine.)  I discovered a) disgusting black mold in the top of the top two shelves, b) lots of extra razors & tampons,  only 7 items that went into other cabinets, and d) only 4 items that went into the trash.  Other than the mold, that was actually pretty good.  (And the mold was only there because we have no ventilation in that bathroom.  No vent, no fan, and no working window.) I took stuff out of all the cupboards, scrubbed the whole cabinet down with bleach, regrouped some of it according to who used it or how often it was used, and put it all back in.  I removed the annoying under-the-shelf shelves out because they just made it harder to access stuff in the back and used the ice bin I’d removed from the freezer to store some stuff upright that I normally didn’t see in there (massage related books & supplies).  I moved the tiered shelving I took out of the spice cabinet for the most frequently used medicine and put the extras & not-often-used stuff behind it all.  I moved some of the cleaning supplies down below the sink, a few odds & ends out into their various homes, and tossed four expired supplements.

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