Today’s challenge was to clean out your bathroom under-the-sink areas.  I have two bathrooms, but both cupboards were already clean (I did them a couple weeks ago).  Here they are, all clean & tidied:

So instead I cleaned out the drawers/other cupboard in my two bathrooms sink areas.


Here’s my sink-side drawer:

Mostly I just took out some stuff that needed to live in the “extras container” I made yesterday or on my bedside table (my mouth guard & glasses case), and put in another longer organizer leftover from one of the other rounds of organizing. The small darker organizer holds my barrettes & bobby pins, the bigger white one underneath holds the longer hair bands & ponytail holders.  The front white container holds all my makeup (and no longer contains any jewelry or safety pins).

Here’s the cabinet under the drawer:

I took out all the kid pictures (why were they even there?  no idea), put the curling irons into a basket, as I don’t use them that often, and my hair dryer stays out by itself, as I use it all the time.  In the back lives my travel bag, filled with all the little travel sized items.  The bottom shelf holds my velcro curlers (not often used, so at the back), largest headbands (the kind with long tails hanging down to mimic a scarf), the roller brush that needs to go to my mom’s house, and my weekly facial/special hair oil type stuff.  All tidy now.  No more swearing at the tangled cords for me!

Next up, the kids bathroom:

I organized that top drawer with a rubbermaid bin that holds all their toothbrushes (why so many for 3 kids?  no idea!), toothpaste, dental floss, etc.  The other side has their hairbrushes, combs, travel bag, and first aid what-to-do card (in case I hit my head again and require first aid).  Middle drawer (kid towels, hand towels for that bathroom, and kid washcloths) just got refolded and stacked.  Third drawer (swimsuits) got checked for size, the too-small-for-anyone one’s removed for goodwill, and the rest refolded & restacked.


I really hope that those places aren’t on tomorrow’s list for tidying, but if they are, well, I have a whole other project that I was needing to do this week anyways that I’ll do in it’s place.  🙂


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