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ABFoL #15 & my scrapping rules

Well, today was an easy day on the challenge, as I had already done all my medicine when doing my medicine cabinet & linen cabinet earlier in the challenge. Instead I spent my day organizing old photos (the drawer of scary is mostly done now; just the unlabeled to figure out now) & scrapbooking Christmas 2010 for each of the kids, plus my own album.

This brings me to my new scrapbooking rules for the year:

1) I have to scrapbook something every week, preferably one event per child plus one event for my own scrapbook.
2) I have to use what I already have in my stash, with the exception of glue/tape, unless I totally run out of background papers (unlikely, but that’s the next thing I might run out of).
3) I have to finish last month’s photos before I start this month. If I get past last month, I need to go back through the photo stash and scrap something else from the already printed photos.
4) I have to wait for the photos to go on sale on one of my printing sites or stores before printing anything new. In desperation (meaning there were no sales this month and I’m out of past photos to scrap), I can print locally for regular prices.


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