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ABFoL Challenge, Day 16

Today’s challenge was to clean out the fridge. Mine wasn’t too bad off, but it took me most of the day because I took out one shelf/drawer/ledge at a time and cleaned it off at the sink, put it back in, and let the fridge have time to cool back down before moving on to the next shelf/drawer/ledge. I didn’t use any extra organizational stuff because the one thing that needed it (the seeds for our garden) had been organized a few weeks ago (using another old fruit container and labels and then alphabetized).

Once I got everything clean and dry I reorganized:

The main compartment:
top left: leftovers top right: seeds & medicine
middle: leftovers
bottom: dairy products & juice & stand-up produce
left drawer: wine, vermouth (& beer if I get some again) right drawer: produce

The stuff in the door:
tippy top: eggs & butter
top left: taller glass bottles top right: asian & mexican & italian condiments
middle left: sandwich condiments & syrup middle right: more italian condiments & powdery stuff
bottom: salad dressings, sauces, whipped cream, & jams/jellies


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