Today’s challenge was to revamp our mail station. Now I’ve had lots of problems with my mail station over the years and I’ve tried many things and none of them have worked. So today what I did was go through all the junk that piles up that shouldn’t have, one load on my bakers rack and one load that had been on my baker’s rack before our last guests came over, which I’d dumped into our laundry basket.

So I spent a lot of time digging though the giant pile (on my bed, of course), putting things away in their various places: lots went to the kids room, lots to the craft area, and lots went in the “keepsake” pile. Here’s what that looked like when I was done: one empty laundry basket, one trash can full of trash, one smaller laundry basket (twice emptied) full of recyclable paper. The keepsake pile went into the Room of Requirement in the keepsake drawer of doom (it’s overflowing). Then I moved the paper shredder up under the computer area to be closer to the mail sorter. I made a folder for the mail sorter to keep ads & coupons in for the Nicholas to look at and filed away things from the to-be-filed folder. Tomorrow when I get time I’ll clean out junk drawer #2 and return the mailing supplies to it (it has about half of them there right now, but some got moved while I was doing Christmas cards & thank you notes after Christmas and never made it back into the drawer because one of the kids jammed the drawer full of junk during one of our cleaning rushes New Year’s Eve).

(There’s no photo of the shredder because, well, I thought it was super boring)

4 thoughts on “ABFoL Day 17

  1. I’m doing that today too! Mail sorting / Filing system sorting… no fun is it (or at least until it’s finished)? Jared walked in last night and just saw an explosion of paper.

    How do you store your keepsakes? I’m thinking of just tossing mine in a box, but then I already have a few shoeboxes of “keepsakes” from the last decade I have to go through already.


    1. Oh yes, I saw that on your lj page! I was giggling about it because I was doing the same thing. Nick is very amused by my organizational stuff lately. Most of it makes a huge mess and since he comes home every day for lunch, he usually sees it at the peak of the insanity.

      I’ve been storing my keepsakes in bankers boxes in the garage. I have about 2 years in each box, with boxes going back all the way to high school. Once the kids came along it oozed upwards to one year per box. Needless to say, my garage could certainly use a break. I had always planned on scrapbooking the kids art/school work type stuff, but the task seemed quite daunting. So I’m following ABFoL’s instructions to make the binders. I’m going to break them down a bit further than hers and use one binder per kid for pre-school and then one for K-2 and one for 3-5. The load becomes less as they hit middle school (or so I hear). I ran out to Wal-Mart this morning for the binders and was about to start them, but have realized that they are still in the van, which is running errands with Nick. Ah well. I’ll start punching papers for now.


    1. Thanks! 🙂 I’ve been trying to comment on your blog as well, but it’s been hit-and-miss as to when Blogger will let me comment with my wordpress account, so you’ll find me posting with either google or wordpress, both places I’m awamiba/Lisa H. 🙂


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