Day 20 was to organize our photos.  Mine were mostly organized already, since I’m a scrapbooker.  The other day I tackled the Drawer of Doom, which was the place that I put photos from events already scrapped.  I re-integrated those back into the main storage units, but didn’t take photos of any of it.


Here’s where my digital photos live:

(I have my parents photos scanned in, so it goes back to the year they got married)


…and in each folder, it looks like this:



Here’s where my non-digital files live:


This is my Creative Memories storage box.  I got it way back when I worked as a consultant.  They don’t give you enough little white tabs per bin (only two and I need about 4).  So I use my own labels.  Could use some tidying up, I guess, but it’s fully functional the way it is and I”m the only one that uses it, so it’ll stay this way for now.

The other boxes look something like this inside.  These are all mismatched boxes that I’ve painted purple so they match.  I made tabs for all the months inside (this one is relatively empty because it was the year my first son was born and that year has been scrapped to death.  In the back are all the negatives in their sleeves, all labeled according to event.  The photo place I used back then labeled the back of each picture with it’s photo ID, so all I really have to do is look at that to find the right negative. A very nice system.


The big white box holds all my big wedding photos, the ones that aren’t in the wedding scrapbook.  The little clear blue box holds the weird little negative boxes that some of my older film came trapped in.  The negatives are still in there.  I hope to one day soon have them all converted to digital so I can stop worrying about not being able to get those negatives out again.  (That top purple striped box is empty currently.  My middle son would like to use it for his scrapbooking box – he just learned to scrapbook last night at cub scouts and he’s all excited about it.  I am, too!)


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  1. Awww, sweet! I got a cool Spiderman photo book and some Spiderman stickers for my nephew who has been taking digital pictures since he was 3 years old! He had a nicer camera than I did at that time and he would take pictures and then show them to you on his parents laptop!


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