IMG_2121Happy Mother’s Day!


Since it’s Mother’s Day, I didn’t get up and do my exercising right away.  I got up, threw on clothes, and took my family over to wish my mom a happy day & give her our presents (a book full of prompts for her life story and a pink bromeliad).  She suggested that we go to Einstein’s Bros. for bagels, so we took her up on it.  I had a whole wheat bagel with onion & chive schmear and a cup of coffee (450 calories).  IMG_2116

After we played a while in the backyard, we had lunch: leftover pizza (380 calories for 2 slices, I didn’t finish my entire portion, though).


Nick had to work today, so the kids and I played in the backyard a while, then did some shopping for my mother’s day gift (jewelry from the $1 jewelry store), and watched Battle for Terra on Netflix.  We had a little snack: sweet tarts and Reese’s mini eggs.  I had a small serving (8 sweet tarts= 60 calories and 1 Reese’s mini egg = 21 calories).


Then Nick came back and took the kids to the grocery store while I did my exercising.  Today I didn’t follow a video.  I got some medium strength tube bands and did 10 reps each of the chest/arm exercises.  After they came back, a friend of David’s showed up unexpectedly, so I took another walk (I don’t get why D’s friends keep appearing out of nowhere uninvited) to calm down, about 30 minutes.


Dinner was beef & barley soup, bread, and a bit of cheese, with some wine for the grown-ups.  I don’t have calorie totals for this particular meal, but based on some internet research of similar soups, I’d guess it was around 250 calories for the soup, another 100 for the wine, 100 for the bread, and about 50 for the cheese.  After dinner I had a tiny little serving (measured on our food scale) of ice cream for another 250 calories.


So all in all, I was a bit high today, but I did do 2 bouts of exercise instead of one (that “calm down” walk was a planned one, just made more frenetic by my lack-of-calmness.)