Day 9: Food, Fitness, & Faith

Day 9 was all about having healthy priorities and becoming an expert about your own body and figuring out your next steps.  My Healthy Next Steps include things like: talking to the doctor about ongoing health issues, getting rid of the junk food in the house (which is good for every part of me), and taking a walk whenever I feel called to do so (which is as good for my mental health as it is for my physical health).

Exercise: I got up and did my Nancy Marmorat video, the series about toning your belly area.  I need to find another video that focuses on that area, as I think I have enough extra exercises for everything else, but I need something more interesting for this one.  I’ve only done this one twice and I’m already bored and grumpy with it.  I’ll check Netflix and see if I can find something there.  I also took a 30 minute walk in the evening.

Food: I had my basic breakfast, but since I was running around a lot, lunch was taken on the road.  I got a “tiny” roast beef sandwich on wheat, no sauces, but with onions and lettuce.  It was 435 calories!  The chips were 200, so I saved them for after school snack time.  Dinner was Vegetarian Night, as our schedule is wacky this week.  We had Dal (115 calories), plain broccoli (27 calories), ginger-dill carrots (no idea, but couldn’t be high), and cous-cous (150 calories).