Food, Fitness, & Faith, day, ummm…

Well, around day 11 I got a fever and tried to rest by not exercising.  Didn’t help. Food wise I did okay.

Day 12 I was still feverish.  I also tried to rest by not exercising, but I HAD to work the school book fair, so that wasn’t really restful, was it? I did okay at breakfast and lunch was a salad at the school (oh happy day!)  Sadly, dinner was at the pizza buffet with my mom watching me eat (she hates that I eat practically nothing at a buffet, so I tried to eat more to make her happy, which makes me unhappy.  it’s a bad cycle.). 

Day 13 I was feeling better, walked a bit back and forth and back and forth to my mom’s house.  Ate next to nothing for breakfast. Lunch was a sandwich and chips shared with Greg from the fancy Fresh grocery (running errands can be fun if you do it right).  I spent an hour and a half at the sink washing dishes, which completely wore me out.

Day 14 was a busy day (and a “no exercise” day because it was the Sabbath) with early church, dinner at a friends house, then a late youth group planning meeting afterwards.  I did a lot of fast walking here, there, everywhere, trying to meet all the needs of Hospitality. 

Day 15 I realized that if I was going to get back into exercising that today needed to be that day.  But I woke up completely drained, kids had to be corralled into doing their work, Nick was literally at work, and by the time I was awake and alive enough to do anything, dishes & laundry beckoned.  I worked on that (not finishing, no) until it was time to leave for the  super-extra-long rehearsal (I’m playing clarinet for the ensemble playing “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” at a local high school).  Came home, at dinner, collapsed in heap.

And now it’s Day 16.  I’ve woken up late, everyone’s late this morning, in a panicked rush, and I’m posting this because it’s been sitting on my desktop for days and I’ve been adding this in dribs and drabs, so no photos. 

Question: Should I start over on the book or continue where I left off?  Most of the other ladies in my group are doing worse than I am and one is starting over.  I just don’t know.