Day Five on the schedule had me cleaning out my reading nook.



See all that stuff around the sides and underneath?  There’s only supposed to be three things around the bottom of that chair.


During:  Well, there are no pictures of during.  I was trapped in my bedroom trying out a new anti-inflammatory gel in an awkward location and couldn’t leave to get my camera, as it wasn’t dry enough yet.  So imagine the chair pulled out and all these items underneath it: 5 boy socks (none matching the others), 2 adult baseball caps, 1 adult apron from a job I had 15 years ago, a pile of trash paper about 8 inches high, a pile of stuff to be filed much smaller than that, an adult belt, a full sized ergonomic keyboard, a gamecube controller, 4 power cables (only one of which I couldn’t identify), my reading basket, a mirror, 2 wire hangers, a VHS tape cover, and a book & workbook for Twelve Extraordinary Women.  I pulled it all out, dusted it all off, put everything we were keeping away and everything else in the trash can, then swept up all the dust.



One hour later, this is what my reading nook looks like.  There’s a round piece of glass that occasionally becomes a table top when we need it on one side of the chair (safest place to keep it), a mirror to cover the cable coming into the room on the other side, and my reading basket below the outlet (it contains extra bookmarks, magazines in progress, book holders, and book covers in case I’m reading something that might scare the kids).  Not pictured: my foot stool.  It looks so much better now!