I’ve spent the last couple days ( #’s 9 & 10 on the challenge) working on the smaller kids room.



Ben’s closet before (at least the top half of it; no idea why I took just the top half, but look, so many clothes, so many piled games, the bottom half was piled clothes and piled toys)



Mysteriously there’s no photo of Greg’s closet before.  Imagine a closet with 6 items hung up top, a few empty hangers, then below: a chest covered with 2 blankets, 8 pairs of shoes, a dozen outfits, dirty socks galore, and a dozen or so books.



The weeding out stage, which we actually did over the weekend when Ben was available for consultation.  Most of these clothes were lovely, but we had nowhere to wear them.  At home we’re t-shirts and jeans casual and at school & scouts there’s the uniform (which is also worn to lessons), so no need for these cute collared, stripy shirts.



Greg’s closet turned out not to be as bad as I thought in that the costume chest held nothing but costumes, much to my delight. He does have a lot of shoes, though.






Since I’m doing crazy organizational things, I decided to do a bit in the actual room as well as the closets.  The kids haven’t been playing in there at all since we added the nook, which ended up being the place they tossed all the stuff they didn’t toss into Greg’s closet.  They couldn’t find any of their toys and so they were being lazy and just playing their DS’s all the day long.  Well, I’m not going to let that go on forever.  So I took out the Nook O’ Messiness (they still have the hiding nook in the bathroom – have I featured that here yet?) and moved Greg’s bed back to be even with Ben’s again.  I took out the tiny desk that no one uses and moved the shelves over there.

Then I pulled in a folding table from the garage, one that is long enough to accommodate two boys sitting at it, hung a peg board above it, and hung all their card games, lego bricks, nerf stuff, & a box of their creatures above it.  I’m envisioning this as a space that Ben can work at Scout stuff at and Greg can build things at and they can play games together just the two of them.  It’s still a work in progress (I’d like matching chairs and the board to be a color they choose, but hey this is a big change and it was FREE), but here’s how it looks right now:



Special thanks goes out to my friend J.P. who watched Greg for several hours yesterday and my friend S.C. who watched Greg & David for an hour and a half while I worked on all this. Smile