Day Twelve on the schedule had me cleaning something messy somewhere in the house.  Very vague.  Sometimes I like vague.  Today was a good day for vague.  Here’s how it went: I did some stuff in each room of the house, tidying up here and there various messes that had gone untidied earlier in the week.  No before and after photos, no drastic changes.  Just a bit here and a bit there.  The only big things I did was gather up all the trash and put it in the dumpster, gather up all the Goodwill donations and drive them out to the drop off, and have the kids finish tidying up their rooms.  David took down everything I put on his display shelf and put it on the desk “to play with.” Ben rearranged some of the bins in his room.  Greg showed off all the changes to his cousins when they came over this evening.  And that was it, end of week 3.  Wahoo!

One thought on “Don’t Just Talk About It, Do It; Day 12

  1. For some reason, I really like this day. This sounds like the day I need today. There are lots of little things just scattered around the house today, and I would like to get a handle on them before next weekend when we have real people come over. Hard to believe it’s already the end of January! Mustn’t freak out. Must remain calm. What gets done, gets done. Yes. You seem amazingly productive each day. I am in awe.


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