Yesterday was the last day of my personal challenge.  I will admit that I was a little sad that no one joined me on it.  Oh well,  moving on.


Here’s a round up of areas that I worked on that I somehow managed not to post photos of earlier in the process.  Some were places I didn’t have finished on time and others were places I didn’t have on the list but did anyway.

The hallway bathroom I didn’t take any before photos of. It didn’t look a whole lot different. Here it is with its new Reveille:


Here are the handsome new towels my mom got the boys:DSC00086

And here are the tags for the boys. David is the crocodile, Ben is the love animals, and Greg is the cat.



The desk area hasn’t changed a lot since the middle of things, but it’s still a work in progress, here it is mid process:


The desk area now:

(the main change: I sent away the paper file box and brought back in the plastic box because it’s sturdier in the long run, then piled up the stuff over there while I’m working on sorting through it all.  The sorting is taking forever because I haven’t had enough time to dedicate to it yet.)



The shelving units in my room before: super crowded.


The shelving units after:

(I have actually only gotten rid of a small pile of papers and four books.  The rest just got re-sorted back to the places they were meant to be living in the first place.)



David’s room, mid process.  Ah, it looked so clean.  Too bad you couldn’t see all the stuff on his bed.



David’s room now:  His aunt April donated an old computer for his use.  It doesn’t have wireless access to the internet, so unless a parent gives him the super-long ethernet cable, there’s no internet in his bedroom.  But still, he can write papers, play a certain subset of his computer games, use iTunes, and draw lots and lots of weird stuff with the mouse.  Plus there’s an awesome outer space screen saver. The other half of his desk is covered in his current Lego battle.


Ben & Greg’s room mid-process:


Greg and Ben’s room now: The matching chairs came FREE from the garage, much to my happiness.  Greg decided he was finally tired of the Moon Sand mess, so out that went.  One of the teachers at school, who is mom to 2 ladies that have taught Ben & Greg, overheard of my yearning for a second computer for the house for boy use, and showed up one day during my volunteer hours up there with a computer very, very similar to the one April had given us for the big boy. (I know this sounds confusing “second computer.” When I had been talking about it, April hadn’t given us the one in D’s room yet.  And then once she did he rejected it because of the lack of internet issue.  BUT, once the little kids got and enthusiastically embraced their new-to-them computer, he was all “whatever happened to that other one?” and so now both rooms have one.  Little kids room has one that’s more disabled for little kid use, chock full of educational games.  Big kids room has a regular one that we’ll put big kid stuff on.)



The top of the dryer wasn’t on the list, but it should have been. Before: mess, mess, mess.


The top of the dryer, now: nice! (sorry for the angle change there!)


The other side of the laundry room has new labels for things (soap & different recycling bins), printed for free from my computer on regular computer paper and laminated with clear contact paper I had on hand as well.



The piano area before: mess, mess, mess.


The piano area after: I showed you where the books ended up, but not how the piano area looks now.  I just added a stack off boxes from elsewhere, the snow dragon, and a strand of music garland from my first Homecoming mum (what, don’t look at me like that.  Yes, it’s 22 years old.  It’s plastic.  Whee!)


And that’s all folks.  I am done!  Well, not really, as there’s always more to do, but I am done having a project a day all week long.  It’ll be nice to just take things slowly again.  Smile