Not that the last few days weren’t interesting, but posting about how much blood and gore came out of my nose seemed just too gross, even for me.

Good things that happened in the last couple days? A couple more friends brought kids home. One brought yumminess for dinner so Nick could focus on washing clothes for his upcoming trip. (Yes, he’s leaving the country. No, I’m not happy about it. Why is he leaving? WORK. We must pay for this surgery somehow.)

In other news, I saw the doctor again today. It was a horrific experience. The best I can tell you is that the nurse/technician/whatever she was….she forgot to spray the numbness into my nose before the splints/stents/whatever you call them got taken out. I seriously almost passed out. My blood pressure dropped to an alarmingly low number. Other nurses had to come in to watch me. It was a whole ordeal. Fortunately, it ended with me getting the splints out and getting to go back home.

The splints that were in my nose, with Nick's hand by them for size comparison.
The splints that were in my nose, with Nick’s hand by them for size comparison.

Life without the splints is much like life with the splints, but without quite as much pressure in my head. I’d read online earlier that it would be such a ginormous relief and that everything would be perfection afterward…but that is not the case. It really just feels kind of like they are still in there, just a little less big. I’m still stuffy, still pressurized, and still exhausted.