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Sinus surgery – Day 5

This morning, my husband packed himself off and left for The Hague. He’ll be there a week and a half and I will be here, fending for myself and the kids. It will be fun! (said nobody ever).

The kids are at Nick’s parents house for the weekend so they can do their usual church and open gym night and basketball weekend routine without having to rely on me to get them anywhere, which is good, as I’m still not driving the car. I am still taking the Tylenol-3. They said it would only be a week until I would stop taking it. I can’t imagine that, but then again, I couldn’t imagine my nose unstuffing, either, and that has happened for the most part over the last couple days.

This afternoon, sometime, my parents will show up. I’m in their house now, watching TV while typing. I’ve watched a lot of television this week, most of it Midsomer Murders on Netflix. It’s been a good show to watch. British, mystery, funny, long episodes. I’ve enjoyed it. I don’t think I’ll get to watch it here, though. Maybe we’ll watch some movies instead. I hope so. I don’t watch a lot of movies.


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