Sinus Surgery – Day 14

1. It’s been two weeks…. out from surgery & I am on my second round of antibiotics because I can’t shake this infection. Inside of my nose feels like fire because of an altercation with a toddler with a hat at a funeral. These things you just can’t make up. I called the doctor about it and they said that as long as there wasn’t fresh bleeding or new levels of goo coming out that I shouldn’t be too terribly worried.

2. I’ve got fire ant bites all over my foot from standing on the side of the road yesterday helping point out the accident victims belongings floating in the ditch. “The funny thing is…wait…I’m still killing fire ants on my shoes…the funny thing is….I can’t think of anything funny while killing ants.” (I still don’t know what I was trying to say there. It was something funny, that’s all I remember.)

3. Please don’t tell me I should have stayed home this weekend. I will bite you. I don’t regret being with my best friend when she needed me.

4. The hip/back pain that plagued me from Thursday til Sunday is finally gone. I can walk without limping! I was in serious pain all weekend…not just my nose, but my back and my hip. It was really weird. Laying down made it worse, but I couldn’t walk very well, either. It was a weird combo.

5. I can smell again! Yay for scents! Things I am loving smelling: my kids heads, the dryer sheets as I pass the laundry room, the scented wax in the master bathroom and living room, my shampoo, my soap, the bathroom hand soap….the list is nearly endless! (I could live without the kitchen trash smell, though.)