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Well, I finally woke up enough to get out of bed and stuff and then David went back to sleep. It’s not fair. 😦

Yesterday afternoon I made pancakes for the first time. Nick thought I was insane, but they turned out really good.

I intended to write last night, but I ended up with a migraine and instead spent the evening lying on the couch moaning. I woke up without a migraine, but I feel another one coming on. I need to go back to the doctor and get real drugs for this. Bleh.

I’m thinking about making some scrambled eggs for breakfast…which is weird because I hate scrambled eggs. The whole apt smells like them this morning though, and it’s a nice smell somehow. *shrugs* I can’t help it, I’ve been weird about food this week.

I have a ton of things to do today (most of which I intended to finish yesterday, but the whole MGT and Best Buy thing took way too much time).

-wash, dry, fold, & put away laundry
-clean up the four piles o’ stuff (mostly paperwork) in the living room
-clean the kitchen
-make more baby food
-return too small baby stuff to Target
-go to post office

Yay. That doesn’t sound like a lot though, does it? Hmm. Feels like a lot. Specially those four piles. I’ve been avoiding them for about a week now.


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